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High Tatras




Slovakia’s most visually striking national park, the High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry), was ranged as Best in Europe 2019 by Lonely Planet. With twenty-five peaks reach higher than 2500m it is one of the rare pockets of Europe outside the Alps to retain alpine characteristics. The tallest mountains – like Gerlachovský štít (2654m) – attract the most hikers, revealing Slovakia as a nation of adventurers. You won't be alone tramping between the High Tatras' waterfalls, alpine meadows and more than 100 ultramarine lakes. In winter, snow transforms hiking trails into ski areas, mostly small and family-friendly.

The country's oldest national park together with an adjoining protected area across the border in Poland, form a Unesco-protected biosphere reserve inhabited by brown bears, chamois and golden eagles.

Top Spot

What to do in Tatranská Lomnica?

The ski resort in Tatranská Lomnica offers ski trails with total length of 12 km with possibility to ski down from 2,196 m a.s.l. from Lomnické sedlo to Tatranská Lomnica.


Tatranská Lomnica turns in the summer into an attractive summer leisure center for the whole family. Most popular are trips to Lominický štít, Skalnaté or Zelené pleso.

Nice place for family sports can be found in Relax Park Jazierko.


In case of bad weather you can visit a nearby SKI Museum, HOTEL LOMNICA ART GALERY, Museum of Tatra National Park or Botanical Garden.

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